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Exhibitor FAQ

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Exhibitor FAQ


Please see below a range of topics which cover all the information you as an exhibitor require in preparing for the show. 
Should you require support for something that is not covered below please see the contact us now section to find the team who is best suited to help you



Access the GES Manual:

The Manual hosts the following: 

Checklists and forms - Important dates and deadlines to note for FESPA Dubai

A-Z Operations Directory 

Venue Services Order Forms 

Your Stand - Information on your stand at FESPA Dubai. 

Timetable - Build up and Break down times. 

Marketing - Access top tips, information on sponsorship, marketing materials, the APP and registration. 

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions regarding venue, procedures & marketing. 

Contacts - Main contacts FESPA, Marketing & Operations

Support  - All support available across FESPA, Marketing & Operations 

For any extra support or information please contact 


The exhibitor portal is where you register staff, find your unique registration promo code for visitors and add content that is add to the FESPA Swapcard event app. 

How to access the exhibitor portal:

Login Email: This is set as your company’s swapcard contact you supplied when you signed your contract. If you have not received an email stating you as the Swapcard contact, please email

For 2024 you can access the Middle East Swapcard event via the exhibitor portal.

Password: Click the login button below, you will be redirected to the Swapcard landing page, enter your email and create a password. This password will also be the password you will need to use for the portal.


Information regarding registration links

Important Notice: Please only register your staff via the Exhibitor Management Registration Page, for visitor registrations share your code and link.

Registration is FREE for FESPA Middle East -

You can locate your unique promo code and registration like via the Edit/update button next to Exhibitor Registration Management Portal or on the main review page. 

Important information: Make sure you send you inform your customers to use your promo code. The code will work on any registration link. 

  • EXH - This code allows you to invite your clients for free to attend FESPA Middle East.

Your unique free registration link to invite your customers to visit FESPA Middle East is hyperlinked in the portal, by clicking on the code you will be redirected to a visitor registration form.

Make sure you instruct your invitee to copy the promo code and enter it in the box on the welcome page.


Information regarding exhibitor badges, You can register for staff badges via the exhibitor portal - click here

Staff badges will be available to collect onsite from Sunday 28th January

Adding team members to your booth

Once you as the main contact have created your exhibitor profile you can add staff members to the profile by clicking on the Edit/update button next to the Exhibitor Registration Management Portal. 

New Registration. 

  • STF - This code allows you to register your team who will be working on your booth at the show.

  • PER - This code allows you to give your personnel full access to your main company booth on Swapcard, assign lead scanning licenses and allow them access to your scanned leads.

For bulk uploads please download the import templates using the Import Registrations button.

Access Disclaimer: Users registered with the "Full Access" registration code have the capability to view all leads and modify booth information.

For support email


Exhibitor Centre

If you have completed your company profile in the portal all information will be pushed to the event app. 

This portal allows you to increase your event visibility, control the content attendees will receive about you, and maximize your return on investment.

You are able to:

  • Manage and update your company profile visible by attendees

  • Gather all new contacts of your team's members and export them in a single Excel file

  • Promote your products or services to potential leads (optional)

  • Reply to meeting request made to your company, and manage meetings of your members (optional)

  • Keep track of your team's leads and success at the event

You can edit your company profile, add content, add links, images, products and documents. 

Add and edit your team members. You can also edit your visibility within the app and manage the data that is shared. 

Access and export your leads board. Disclaimer: Only personnel with license with permission can access this data

View and edit meetings for the booth and for personal. 


Access to the FESPA Middle East web page:

Access to the FESPA APP:

The FESPA Swapcard event app is for both visitors and exhibitors to explore what is happening at FESPA Amsterdam. Features include: Interactive floorplan, conference agendas, speaker information, exhibitor information, your event, QR code and attendee connections. 

The APP hosts a library of product information added by exhibitors.

Exhibitor Guide to the Swapcard App


Swapcard Profile

edit profile



Each exhibitor booth is entitled to 1 free licence per booth – this can be accessed via the FESPA app on any smart device. You can assign the licence to a member of your team you have registered as personal in the portal.

Any smart device can be used as a scanner

You can purchase extra licences in the exhibitor centre on the FESPA Swapcard web app or mobile app here: 
Lead scanning licences cost $158
5 x $790
10 x $1580
Unlimited Licences = $3000

For more information and support follow this link or support please contact

Adding Tags
After you have been assigned a licence buy your Swapcard contact, scan a colleague or business card to get started.
Add your companies predefined tags and onces they are set up. This data will be there for the duration of the time you have a profile in the app
Top tip for adding tags: Number your tags to help with reporting. 


Scoring - create a scoring system within your sales team to benefit reporting and allocating leads

Add scores

Adding Notes - create a notes system within your sales team to benefit reporting and allocating leads

Adding notes

Watch this video for a tutorial.