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Ivan Tenchev

Ivan Tenchev

Judge, World Wrap Masters

Ivan Tenchev of Astro Folio, has 13+ years of experience, and joins the league of World Wrap Masters Judges in 2023. 

Ivan has won an astonishing 5 World Wrap Masters Eurasia titles, and the World Wrap Masters Champion twice - 2018 and 2022.

Ivan has also competed and won the Hexis Battle World, WrapScon, and other wrap competitions where he has taken notable place.

"Being part of the World Wrap Masters judging team means so much to me. Not only does it mean I can share my knowledge with the community, but I can also learn from the contestants who bring a huge amount of talent to each event. Plus, I love to travel and meet fellow wrappers, and being a judge will be a good way to combine my passions."